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Professional Associations


 Jordan Restaurant Association

Who we are?  

The Jordan Restaurant Association (JRA) is a mandatory not- for – profit membership association empowered by Law no (47) in 2002. Created by the Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities, the association is supported by classified restaurant owners to represent and serve Jordans’ growing Restaurant Industry. JRA represents over (650) classified members including restaurants, entertainment cities, coffee shops, fast food, discos, bars, cabaret and night clubs of 1-5 stars. It is also a member of the International Hotel & Restaurant Association (IH&RA), the Arab Tourism Organization, the Euro- Mediterranean Restaurant Federation and the Jordan Tourism Federation. The association has an elected Board of Directors consisting of nine members representing the private sector, qualified staff, legal consultants, and an accounting consultant. 


To be the dynamic force behind the protection, development and promotion of the restaurant industry.


The restaurant and food service industry is a powerful and regionally competitive sector that contributes to the growth of the Jordanian tourism economy.

Why Join JRA ?

Represent its members in public advocacy and ensure a customer-friendly institutional and regulatory framework for restaurants.
Enhance product development and promote skilled human resources.
Expand JRA business development services to provide professional networking, matchmaking and research services.
Strengthen outreach to engage members and respond to their needs.
Offer health insurance and benefits for restaurant owners, employees, and their families.
Provide social services and functions including meetings with decision makers at the local, regional, and international levels.
Allocate a Providence Fund for JRA members and their establishments.
Develop legislation and laws related to the restaurant industry.
Organize local and international conferences and conventions related to the restaurant industry.
Cooperate with similar Arab and international hotel & restaurant associations.
Organize training courses for sector employees and non-employees.
Provide career guidance manuals in both English and Arabic.
Work on legislation that sets standards for environmental control in collaboration with the public and private sectors.
Attract new restaurants and help existing restaurants to grow and prosper.
Provide assistance with sector related crises management.
Protect the restaurant industry interests and safeguard its members' rights.
Set and monitor industry standards.
Enhance & develop the restaurant industry in cooperation with relevant organizational bodies (public or private sectors).
Provide periodic communications including handbooks, manuals, annual reports and a free subscription to the JRA Newsletter.
•ather information, compile statistics, and prepare studies and research related to the industry.

Jordanian Handicrafts Producers & Traders Association (JHPTA):

The (JHPTA) has been established in 1957 in Jerusalem. The main office of the association has been transferred to Amman in 1967. The (JHPTA) has a long history in conservation of the Jordanian Handicrafts, and has a big role in supporting the producers of these handicrafts. The members of the (JHPTA) are counted in hundreds of handicraft's peoples and merchants. All of it's activities are under the umbrella of The Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities and it's a full member of the Jordanian Tourism Associations. 

A goal of the Association:

Upgrading and developing the profession.

Awareness of tourism among its members.

Tourism development and revitalization of cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

Jordan Tour Guides Association .
Vision :  Jordan Tour Guides Association shall become the role model for the tour guiding business and profession in the region. .

Mission : Organizing the tour guides market through rules and regulations that govern the profession and create a new image for JTGA and its members while promoting the association and its service locally, regionally and internationally.
Values :

Abiding by Codes of Ethics;
Building trust between the association and the members through services; transparency, and continuous support,
Members representing role model for other tourism professions.

Major Goals :

To Enhance the professional level of members.
To Market the members locally, regionally and internationally.
To Create a good image for members. and the association in the society.
To attain independency for the association.

Objectives ::

Influence decision making process within the tourism sector.

Developed flexible operations, processes and procedures easily adapting to changes in the surrounding environment and conditions..

Focal point for all members and other stakeholders regarding issues related to tour guiding and services.

Administrative and financial self-sustainability through application of sound management systems, building members’ capacities, and introducing new revenue resources..

High level of discipline, open communication and transparency internally and externally.

Development and provision of basic, upgraded, and advanced services which are needed and affordable by the majority of association’s members..

Provision of significant and exceptional services to members and enhancing their skills and abilities..

Enhanced standard of living for tourist guides..

Improved image of the association – infrastructure and community perception – through adapting best practices and directions..

Creation of awareness and enhanced reputation of the association in the community, and participation in social, national and international activities..

Serving as a marketing and promotion tool for the association members particularly, and for Jordan generally..

Increased women participation in the tourist guides profession.

Introduction of (for-fee) services and activities managed by members.

Provision of highly demanded and feasible activities and projects which yield significant revenue.

Key Strategies :

Restructuring and Reorganizing JTGA.
Improving quality and quantity of services Offered to members.
Enhancing Image and Reputation of the association and the profession.
Developing Revenue Generating Projects and Activities.


Jordan Society of Tourist and Travel Agents

The Jordan Society of Tourist and Travel Agents, was founded early in 1960 in Jerusalem through the efforts of the industry pioneers at that time. It now forms the only association of travel agents in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It is currently located in Amman. It is a recognized entity both internally and externally due to the efforts and cooperation of its loyal members.

JSTA members are travel agents in Jordan. The society represents about 350 travel agencies with approximately 60 branch offices employing about 3500 people. They handle 70-80% of the nation's local and international airline bookings, hotels reservations, car rentals, package tours, visas, meet and assist formalities, and seminars.

JSTA members enjoy resources beyond the capacity of any single travel agency in Jordan because they pool experience and information.

Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association (JITOA)

With the growing number of Jordan inbound tour operators and the increasing opportunities in the Jordan travel market there was a need to create an official body and an independent, private sector-led organization to represent the inbound tourism locally and internationally. Here where the Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association (JITOA) was established in 2003 acting as an official non-profit, private NGO, business association. JITOA works to involve its members in the decision making process to help develop and enhance the business environment in the Jordan Tourism Industry.

 JITOA is a voluntary-membership organization comprised of active tour operator members and associate members (including hotels and hotel chains, Event Management Companies, NGO’s, Tourist Transportation Companies, educators, tour guides and others) with an interest in improving the quality of the visitor’s experience in Jordan.

 JITOA and its membership are actively committed to raising the standards of the industry as a whole through the spread of Codes of Conduct, Code of Ethics and by providing continuing education and advocacy support to the industry.

 JITOA is distinguished by the diversity and capacity of its membership which includes different segments of the tourism sector. JITOA members represent a high capacity that covers 68 offices/branches with around 5000 employees. JITOA members contribute to more than %75 of the packaged tours coming to Jordan. JITOA works towards increasing the benefits of its members in providing them with qualified training and educational programs and developing the tourism products and services. 

JITOA was actively involved in implementing the National Tourism Strategy (2004-2010) in an attempt to maintain the sustainability of the tourism sector and an opportunity to participate in developing the national economy by building a genuine partnership between public and private sectors.

• Mission : To raise the standard of practice in inbound tourism to Jordan.

JITOA raising standards focus on three major pillars: the Professional conduct of JITOA members with all stakeholders, acting as a major player in the decision making process in tourism, and being the reliable reference for the inbound industry in Jordan.

• Vision : To achieve a global recognition of JITOA mark of excellence.

JITOA holds firm that only through the development of a standard of excellence against which its members will be certified and thus hold the “Mark of Excellence”, will it be able to raise the standard and contribute more effectively to the Jordanian GDP. This Vision is a bold statement that will excite JITOA, as an organization, and will reflect what it sees to be the future.