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Ministry's Projects

Amendment of tourism-related regulations

Implementation of the National Strategy for Tourism

Involving women in tourism

Studying the status of local tourism

Development and rehabilitation of Jerash Visitor Center

Rehabilitation of Jerash Handicrafts Village

Rehabilitation and maintenance of Madaba Visitor Center

Rehabilitation of Al-Haranna Castle Visitor Center

Rehabilitation of Quseir Amra Visitor Center

Development of the Hosh Al-Moa’ahada Area in Um Qais - Irbid

Improvement, maintenance and operational works including building capacity at A’fra in Tafila

Developing the role of the tourist police to serve the tourism sector

Rehabilitation of Sele’a heritage village in Tafila

Developing Almatn site and the tourist trail in Tafila

Developing the tourist street in the center of Al-Karak city

Completion of the rehabilitation of the tourist trail of Al-Kader Street in Salt

Rehabilitation and operation of the Aziz Jasir house in Salt (Pilot model)

Acquisition and purchase of land

Updating and repairs of different buildings

Provision of facilities and services for the operation of the Royal Park in Jerash

Implementation of Um Qais site management plan

Support a number of associations to furnish and operate the ground floor of Saraya building in Madaba.

Development and rehabilitation of the King Abdullah Park facilities in Ma’an

Operation of heritage buildings in the center of Irbid city

Prepare management plan for the Aziz Jasir house in Salt

Operation of heritage buildings in Salt

Operation of the local products sales area at the Ajloun Visitor Center

Following up on the operation of desert castles

Opening of Um Al Rassas site, operating the cafeteria, and store for handicrafts and local products

Update and publish the investment plan for the tourism sector

Development of the Ministry's identity and its services

Coordinate tourism programs with Greater Amman municipality (Citadel nights and Dead Sea nights).

Activation of incoming and outgoing mail, supplies system and management of government resources Planning (GRP)

central servers virtualization with upgrading for programs and operating systems

Desktop virtualization with upgrading for programs and operating systems

Implementation awareness and promotion campaign for the Third Tourism Project

Implementation of criteria and standards for classifying new hotel facilities

Implementation of criteria and standards for classifying touristic restaurants

Second phase of the electronic licensing system

Development of the tourism trail in Iraq Al-Ameer site and the heritage village around it in Amman