Tourist Guides Qualification

Qualification Of Tourist Guides

This is by visiting the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and applying to obtain a license to practice the profession of tourist guide in the Tourism Professions Directorate according to the following conditions:

  The applicant must be of Jordanian nationality and holds a national number.

 To have completed twenty years of age.

 To be in good health and free of diseases, and this is confirmed by a decision issued by an accredited medical center.

 Not convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor that violates honor and public morals.

 The applicant must have obtained a first university degree or its equivalent, or a tour guide services diploma from a recognized college as a minimum.

  Prior approval from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities for any exception from Clause No. (5), provided that the applicant has obtained the Tawjihi certificate (successful) as a minimum for speakers of the required foreign languages ​​and in accordance with the requirements of the needs of the tourism market.

 Passing the language test required to apply for the license in writing and in conversation, confirming the student's ability to practice the profession of tourist guidance in this language, provided that the minimum score for the language test for admission to the course is 80%

 Passing the personal interview, provided that the minimum mark for the interview is 70%.

 Passing the exam for the course organized by the Ministry and held at Ammon Applied University College.



 The duration of the tour guides course, which is held at the Ammon Applied University College, is (6) months, divided into two semesters, and includes a total of (360) teaching hours


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