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Ministry projects

Below will be an overview of some of the projects that the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities undertakes - until the site is provided with more projects and their details in the coming period - and these projects are as follows:

  Tourist environmental camp (eco hostel) / Bani Kenana brigade

Project work includes:

  • Building and equipping ten chalets of an environmental nature (hotel rooms).

  • Building and equipping a visitor center for the reserve.

  • Building and equipping a dining hall.

  • A kitchen and all other auxiliary facilities that help to operate the hostel.

  • Improving the services of the heritage village site in Umm Qais

  • The work was done in coordination with the General Antiquities Department and the head of the Bani Kinana Antiquities Department and the head of the Umm Qais visitors section.

  • With the aim of organizing the entry and exit movement of the Umm Qais archaeological site and indicative panels of the most prominent buildings and paths in Umm Qais village.

Completion of the implementation of the necessary works to operate the Tabaqat Fahal Visitor Center / Presentation and interpretation works
  • Equipping the exhibition hall with the necessary explanatory panels.
 Ajloun Governorate Comprehensive Development Plan (Ajloun 2020-2040)
  • Establishing a comprehensive development plan that defines strategies and action plans for the various sectoral frameworks that will guide development and achieve sustainable development in the Ajloun Governorate over the next twenty years, economically, socially, physically and institutionally.
  Development of the Ajloun Governorate Visitor Center

Project work includes:

  • Rehabilitation of the necessary services (health units, offices, guard's room).

  • Redesign of the parking lot and buses

  • Maintenance work for the existing yards

  Rehabilitation of the Ottoman building at the archaeological site / Jerash
  • Rehabilitation and maintenance of the building, taking advantage of the panoramic view of the entire archaeological site and the urban city, and using it as a tourist station on the tourist path inside the archaeological site to tell the story of the place.
  Mukawer archaeological site protection project
  • Installing a 1035-meter metal fence around the Mukawer archaeological site.

  Executing the structural works for the Tel Theban visitor center
  • A basement floor with a total area of approximately 199 square meters. This floor includes a multi-purpose hall.

  • A ground floor with a total area of approximately 501 square meters. This floor includes 6 booths, a cafeteria room, a room for the exhibition of local products

  • Toilets, 5 offices, a permanent exhibition room, a video room, a reception area, a ticketing room, and a 2-room sleeper.

  • Shades with a total area of 74 square meters. 

  • An outdoor terrace with a total area of approximately 60 square meters

 A project for studies of the tourist bus queuing area and the integrated complex in Al-Baraka / Karak
  • Establishing an open garden area containing explanatory panels and maps showing the tourist's path, in order to provide visitors with information about the tourist areas that they can visit.

  • Improving the area to include facilities for tourist buses and cars, allowing more efficient transportation in the area

  • Cleaning and rehabilitating the ancient tunnel to be a popular destination for visitors.

  •  Raise the level of the region and develop it to create an appropriate environment for the establishment of shops, offices, cafes and taxi offices to serve residents and tourists.

  • Securing safe passages for pedestrians and visitors to the city.






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