Types of transport and communications in Jordan:

Transport and public transport are one of the essential elements of the daily life of people; because of the importance of the services they offer, the transportation network consists of public lines that are accessible to everyone to transport people from one point to another for fixed wages, and has various facilities of their own, such as stations, ad hoc parking, and offers programs and maps; To provide users with the necessary information that will facilitate and clarify the mechanism for the use of various public transport methods, and the multiplicity of those responsible for the management of transport, by geographical region; For example, the greater Amman Secretariat oversees public transport within the capital, and for transport outside Amman, and those linking Amman to neighboring governorates, it belongs to the Land Transport Organization.

There are many means of transportation within Jordan, including Bus, Servis, and taxi, each of which is described in more detail:

Buses: This type of transport is divided into two main types; The large buses, which can accommodate 34-45 passengers depending on the type of bus and the number of seats there, and a small one, or the so-called "coaster" - a ratio of the type of buses - can accommodate about 23-25 passengers, and the most commonly used "coaster" buses usually run after all seats are filled.

Servis:  As expressed in the local language, taxis are white rather than yellow, operating within the greater Amman area, and is responsible for transporting passengers to certain destinations that must be adhered to, which are similar to the bus destinations, and are effective from Access speed, saving time on passengers, must share this with several other passengers on a journey.

Taxi: The most flexible means of transport; A yellow taxi can be ordered to go on a short trip or to travel long distances around the country alike, and a taxi can easily be found; It can be obtained directly from the hotel's door for visitors and visitors tothe Kingdom, or by hand-waving when standing on the street end to stop, either in terms of fare and payment; Most of these vehicles are equipped with a meter that calculates the fare according to the distance traveled, or the driver may agree with the passenger on a specific fare before setting off.

Airport Taxi: The airport taxi service is distinguished for being a safe, fast, and comfortable means of transportation, and its prices are reasonable. The airport taxi arrives in all areas in Amman, and it is an ideal mode of transportation for travelers who did not plan to obtain a means of transportation upon arrival. It is worth noting that the airport taxi fare is fixed and has been determined by the Land Transport Regulatory Authority

Smart applications: : This type of transportation has become very common in Jordan. First of all, it must be noted that this type, which is passenger transport companies using smart applications, have been operating in the world, perhaps ten years, and in Jordan maybe three years, but three years This was enough to ensure that dealing with the applications of these modes of transport spread among the majority of Jordanian society groups, especially in the capital Amman and other large governorates, and their use became something normal and even obvious, among the most famous of these well-known applications are: Uber and Careem, and there are also some other applications , but only those who are licensed in Jordan, while the rest have not yet been licensed to maintain the organization of the sector, and the Ministry of Transport is keen to avoid flooding the streets with cars of smart applications.The licensed fleet of these two companies is 10,000 private cars, according to 5,000 cars per company. As for the other applications that work without a license, they do not have any licensed cars, and what distinguishes these applications most is their ease of use and their appropriate price for everyone.

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