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Jordan Tour Guides Association(JTGA)

Jordan Tour Guides Association(JTGA ) was established in 1998 with 1200 tourist guides speaking 32 languages and leading the guests and tourists in the historical sites teaching and informing them about Jordan’s history and culture to maximize their experiences.

Jordan tourist guides are among the best tourist guides in the world! Known for their professionalism and for the vast knowledge they carry and deliver it to the guests and tourists yet Jordan tourist guides association is proud to have among its team more than one member winning the best tourist guide in the world.

They are known for their professionalism and for being repositories of vast knowledge that they happily share with guests to our country. Jordan Tourist Guides Association is proud to have among its team more than one winner of the Best Tourist Guide in the World.

Jordan Tour Guides Association organizing the tour guides market through rules and regulations that govern the profession and create anew image for JTGA and its members while promoting the association and its service locally, regionally and internationally. 
Jordan Tour Guides Association Strategies:

1- Restructuring and Reorganizing JTGA.

2- Improving quality and quantity of services offered.

3- Enhancing Image and Reputation of the association and the profession.

4- Developing Revenue Generating Projects and Activities.


JTGA Website: Click here

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