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The Jordan Hotel Association (JHA)

The Jordan Hotel Association (JHA), is a non-profit organization, was founded in 1969 and is currently registered at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Jordan under article 14 of the tourism law No.
(20) of year 1988, works with the Jordanian government and regulatory authorities to ensure a unified voice for the Hospitality sector and a positive operating environment for the hotel industry to thrive in, particularly during economically challenging times.

JHA is a member of several national and global tourism associations and activities, such as the International Federation of Hotels & Restaurants and Arab federation of Hotels & Tourism. It is one of the official supporters of the Jordan Tourism Board and its programs and activities. As the leading and unified voice for the Jordan Hotel and lodging sector, we are voicing yours, after all, it is your industry and your voice. Furthermore, JHA is acknowledged as the champion of hotel-related issues, including matters of taxation, tourism, marketing, corporate relations, labor, training, and consumer services. To safeguard and ensure that the Quality and efficiency of hotels operations remains a paramount concern as well as tourism services and professionals in Jordan are appreciated and continuously supported, JHA carries out periodical guidance visits to hotels and reviews their internal operations to provide advice to staff and address issues. In addition, the association holds training courses for all levels of hotel staff to improve service quality and help ensure high standards.


JHA Website: Click here


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