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Minister's Speech

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiques was established as a means to continue preserving the great historical and cultural heritage that our beloved Kingdom encompasses. Ever since its establishment, it has assumed the responsibility for developing and leading a sustainable tourism life in Jordan in partnership with the private sectorby enforcing the role of cultural heritage in the overall vision of developing tourism as a complete sector, which would yield revenue that uplifts the national economy.

The Ministry has always been a pioneer in promoting the importance of developing a growing economic tourism. Decades of an exceptional performance in the tourism sector have helped rehabilitate the touristic and historical sites throughout the Kingdom, which were made available for visitors and touristsby involving the locals in the process of developing the governorates where these sites are located. The Ministry has always had its eyes set on actualizing the objectives of sustainable tourism by developing a touristic product, managing touristic sites and increasing awareness about the importance of preserving this cultural heritage of mankind, in addition to that, it has always encouraged investments in the tourism sector by promoting it as an important aspect of economy with a great number of job opportunities.

Today, the tourism sector contributes a total of 13% to the country’s GDP. The number of individuals holding direct jobs in the tourism sector is about 50,000; the Ministry is working with the private sector to increase this vital output by applying a specialized strategy that primarily aims to create values of a growing tourism.

Since creating a tourism industry in an innovative manner leans towards a globalized path that utilizes modern media tools, and in light of reinforcing communication to achieve tourism’s development and economic objectives, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiques’ website is launched as a portal to important tourism resources that elaborate on different aspects of tourism in Jordan, not only that, but it’s also an essential tool to provide e-services to partners, stakeholders and interested entities, as well as basic information for all,which ultimately creates an opportunity to uplift the Kingdom’s sustainable tourism.

Minister of Tourism & Antiquities / Majd Mohammad Shweikeh