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Tourism Statistical Newsletter 2017 - 1st Quarter

Tourism Statistical Newsletter



The Ministry of Tourism is pleased to issue the First Edition of the 13th Volume which contains tourism statistical bulletin for 2016-2017 while includes the most significant indicators for the tourism sector. Such as the number of establishments operating in this sector and the number of employees distributed by economic activity as well as gender and nationality, the number of overnight tourists distributed by nationality , the data related to the Accommodation Establishment, the number of group tourists. The monthly expenditure and income in addition to the number of visitor to the Touristic sites distributed by nationality.

The Ministry hopes that this report will serve all those interested in tourism statistical data whether they are planners, policy and decision makers. The Ministry is pleased to receive any constructive and subjective notes which may help to develop and improve the up-coming issues of this report. The Ministry seizes the opportunity to thank all ministries, governmental departments, the public and private institutions for their contribution in providing the statistical data of this report.


Tourism Activities & Employment

1.1 Number Of Employees in Different Tourism Activity 
1.2 Number Of Employees in Different Tourism Activity by Nationality 
1.3 Number Of Employees in Different Tourism Activity by Locality 
1.4 Hotels, Apartmentts & Others, Rooms & Number of Employees Distributed by Gender & Nationality,
1.5 Number of the Tourism Activates by Location

Classification Of Visitors

2.1 Overnight & Same day visitors Monthly 
2.2 Overnight & Same day visitors by Nationality 
2.3 Overnight & Same day visitors by Region 
2.4 All Arrivals by Border And Region
2.5 Number of Jordanian Resident Traveling Aboroad for the Purpos of Tourism

Package Tours 

3.1 Number of Tourist, Nights & ALS for Package Tours by Countries Groups 
3.2 Monthly Number of Tourist, Nights & ALS for Package Tours 
3.3 Same Day Visitors and Cruise Passengers - package Tours
3.4 Distribution of Package Tours by Place of Stay
3.5 Monthly Number of Tourists using Tourism Transportation Company

Tourism Income and Expenditurs

4.1 Tourism Rcecipts and Expenditures by month 
4.2 Tourism Rcecipts by month & Countres Groups

Visitors to Touristic sites 

5.1 Visitors to Main Tourist Sites by Nationality 
5.2 Number of Visitors to Touristic Sites by Locations 
5.3 Monthly Number of Visitors to Petra by Nationality 
5.4 Monthly Number of Visitors to Jerash by Nationality 
5.5 Monthly Number of Visitors toUm Qais by Nationality 
5.6 Monthly Number of Visitors to Nebo by Nationality 
5.7 Monthly Number of Visitors to ajlun by Nationality 
5.8 Monthly Number of Visitors to Madaba - Map by Nationality 
5.9 Monthly Number of Visitors to Rum by Nationality 
5.10 Monthly Number of Visitors to karak by Nationality 
5.11 Monthly Number of Visitors to Baptism by Nationality 
5.12 Monthly Number of Visitors to Desert Castles by Nationality 
5.13 Monthly Number of Visitors to Pella by Nationality 
5.14 Monthly Number of Visitors toFolklor Museum by Nationality 
5.15 Monthly Number of Visitors to Amman Museum by Nationality 
5.16 Monthly Number of Visitors to Aqaba Museum by Nationality 
5.17 Monthly Number of Visitors to Madaba Museum by Nationality 
5.18 Monthly Number of Visitors to Salt Museum by Nationality 
5.19 Monthly Number of Visitors toUm Aljmal by Nationality 
5.20 Monthly Number of Visitors to Madaba Visit Center by Nationality 
5.21 Monthly Number of Visitors to Shobak by Nationality 
5.22 Monthly Number of Visitors to Panorama Dead Sea by Nationality 
5.23 Monthly Number of Visitors to Mar - Eyas by Nationality  
5.24 Monthly Number of Visitors to Mukawir by Nationality
5.25 Monthly Number of Visitors to Um Rasas by Nationality 
5.26 Monthly Number of Visitors to Halabat Castel by Nationality 

Establishment Statistics Accommodation

6.1 Tourist Accommodation Establishments Indicators
6.2 Beds Night / Arrivals at Hotels by Classification & Month 
6.3 Beds Night / Arrivals at Classified Hotels by Location & Country Groups
6.4 Monthly Beds Night/Arrivals at Classified Hotels by Country Group 

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