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Ministry's Mission

The Ministry's mission focuses on accomplishing a number of strategic objectives of the Ministry, which can be summarized as follows: 
First Objective :
Develop an advanced tourism industry capable of utilizing its comparative and competitive advantages through highly developed infrastructure facilities and superstructure services.
Second Objective :
Develop archaeological and tourism sites and resources to enhance the tourism product, extend tourist length of stay achieve higher, tourism revenues and creat new job opportunities. 
Third Objective :
Expand the role of the Private Sector in tourism investment and capital attraction within a framework of mutual cooperation between the public and the private sectors.
Fourth Objective :
Upgrade the quality of tourism services to the highest international standards
Fifth Objective :
Develop tourism awareness of the Kingdom's culture, heritage, civilizations, and archaeological resources within the framework of sustainable tourism development in harmony with local communities and non governmental organizations
Sixth Objective :
Strengthen the Institutional setup of the tourism sector by upgrading legislation, laws, by-laws, regulations and human resources' development. .
Seventh Objective :
Establish and lead marketing and promotion campaigns in international and regional markets, strengthen international cooperation and promote domestic tourism. .